Loyalty, Reinvented.

A decentralised platform for loyalty program operators & customers

Introducing LoyalX

Open platform for loyalty program operators and customers, where anyone can start their own loyalty program and loyalty points can be easily exchanged between participating businesses.


Everyone is welcome. Connect your existing loyalty platform or start one from scratch. All for a fraction of a cost.


Unified platform to collect, redeem and exchange your loyalty points. Great experience for both customers and loyalty program operators.

Secure & Transparent

Blockchain-based solution allows secure and transparent creation, redemption, and exchange of loyalty points.


Improved analytics that provides valuable insight about the customers, their behavior and how they redeem loyalty points, leading to a more personalised point redemption experience.



Loyalty programs have been growing at a rapid pace over the past decade and their importance has been confirmed by numerous studies, but to this day these have all been fragmented, closed loop systems with no unified solution and limited interoperability.

With increasing operational costs and growing liabilities, existing programs are struggling from low customer engagement, poor integration of reward structures and lack of personalisation and detailed analytics.



LoyalX brings a unified solution that allows instantaneous and secure creation, redemption, and exchange of loyalty reward points across multiple programs through a trusted blockchain environment using cryptographic proofs.

An open platform that aims to link a disconnected world of loyalty reward programs, reduce costs, eliminate friction and provide a more secure environment, creating a convenient and intuitive experience for both the customer and loyalty program operator.

For Customers

Collect, redeem and exchange your loyalty points

Collect, redeem and exchange loyalty points between different programs in a single and easy to use wallet application. Receive real-time insights and personalised recommendations that help you maximise the value of your loyalty points.

For Businesses

Supercharge your loyalty with blockchain technology

Upgrade your loyalty program with added security, improved analytics and substantial reduction in setup and operating costs. All while retaining complete control of your program that preserves your competitiveness or strategic agendas.

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