Customer loyalty,

Increase your future business profits and keep your customers loyal with our smart, secure and data- driven loyalty program management platform.

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“An estimated $100 billion in points are left unredeemed, creating huge financial liability to a company’s balance sheet.”
Bond Loyalty
“While a typical U.S. household is enrolled in 19 to 29 different loyalty programs, it only actively uses 5 to 12 of them.”
Colloquy Loyalty Census

Out of the box customer loyalty solution

Create your own loyalty program in minutes. No prior loyalty program experience or dedicated infrastructure required. LoyalX will quickly guide you through the intuitive setup process and get you going in no time.


Supercharge your loyalty program with blockchain technology

Reduce operating costs and enhance data security of your loyalty program. Integrate with existing systems, gain better insights and enable deeper personalisation for better customer engagement. Effortlessly add and remove coalition partners and improve liability management with the help of common blockchain protocol and new features like business-to-business point exchange.

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